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We’re A Fashion Disaster Darling!

· Joolz says....

Or so it seems…naturally I’m going to disagree.

A couple of weeks ago there was a reader survey on the Motorcycle News (MCN) website about motorcycle fashion gaffs, entitled Worst Biking Fashion Mistakes? (link)

Obviously a slow news day!

As with anything of this nature in the end it comes down to personal choice.
The options were:

  • Jeans tucked into race boots
  • Sunglasses behind a clear visor
  • Mixing leather and textiles
  • Matching pillion riding gear
  • Stick on ears / mohican
  • Hoodie over race leathers

Actually I could add one or two of my own to that:

  • Full race leathers (yes I know they protect you!  Before I have the health and safety mafia after me.  They just look naff unless you’re racing)
  • Training shoes
  • Wearing just shorts
  • Jogging bottoms – although those are a fashion faux pas whatever you are doing!

I voted for hoodie over race leathers…as I say it’s personal choice…only 12% of readers agreed with me.

So what got the highest amounts of votes?
With almost half of the votes polled: Stick on ears/mohican were judged to be the worst fashion biking mistake

What can I say…? Me and my other half have had pig ears on our helmets since they were first available.
They are one of many things we have fun with whilst out biking.  They also break down barriers between us and Joe Public which I for one say is a good thing.

So, here’s to be a fashion disaster darling…we’re loving it!

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Scott Redding Wins Moto 2 and NW200 Abandoned

· Motorcycle Racing

It’s a funny old game the weather at the moment.

Where I live, last Saturday was decidedly chilly and wintry and Sunday was warm and glorious and we went out for a spin on the Triumph.

In Northern Ireland those brave men and women road racers were bracing themselves to race the Northwest 200 road races.  Practice week had been mostly dry with the odd bit of wet stuff and they managed to get some racing done on Thursday.  Then come Saturday all hell broke loose and armageddon set in. The rest of the meeting had to be abandoned much to the disgust and disappointment of all concerned.  I really feel for the organisers as well as the hardy fans and not to mention the teams and the riders.

There was some humour amidst all the disappointment as you can read below on the Marshall’s incident form

NW200 Marshalls form


Meanwhile, over in France conditions were only slightly better at Le Mans for the Moto GP races.  Practice and qualifying had been a mixed affair, weather wise, and Sunday promised rain.  In the end the worst of it held off until the main race.  All 3 races were very closely fought.  Moto 2 was the race of the meeting for me though, especially as our boy, Scott Redding won.  Good on yer Scott. A lot of his championship opponents crashed out, leaving Scott to bring it home and he now leads the championship.  I don’t suppose you’ll feature in the sports news in the UK amidst Beckham crying and all the other drivel but we’re proud of you!

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– May 18, 2013

· Motorcycle News

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Are we watching the racing?

· Motorcycle Racing

Sunday’s World Superbike racing from Monza was great! It was action packed with lots of Brits and adopted Brits (Guintoli) enjoying top 3 positions.

The man of the meeting had to be Sam Lowes with his mind bogglingly impossible, daring and exciting moves to take victory in the World Supersport race, after 4, yes 4 race starts.

Monza is described by racers as a racer’s track because it’s one of the only ones where you can really race flat out. The only problem with that is that there are these unbelievably tight chicanes and corners so that a lot of riders found it impossible to always stop in time, meaning we saw lots of over shooting of corners and was what caused the 3 red flag incidents in the Supersport race before it finally was run over a shorter distance and we saw Sam’s amazing victory.

I have to say Moto GP is a bit of a yawn fest after watching action like that!

And for your delectation (with French commentary!)

Whilst watching the bike racing and the reason for the question, are we watching the bike racing? is I am bombarded by my husband with a constant stream of complaints about the coverage. He has a point….why oh why do we have to keep looking at the pits, pit lane, someone walking off track? I could go on….if there was no action on the track, then maybe, only maybe, we could justify this constant obsession with it. Can we please just have aplit screen? Or a smaller version in the top corner of our screens?

Anyway, I thought I would kindly share with you, Sunday’s outpourings:

‘It’s a bloke sitting in a chair!’
‘It’s a bloke’s left earhole!’
‘Is the director gay?’
‘It’s the pit board!’
‘Get back to the racing’ x 20 times (at least)

LOL enjoy your racing!

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